Intermediate FileMaker Pro: Relational Database Design and Scripting

Duration: 2 Days


This FileMaker Authorised course teaches good practice in the design of efficient relational database systems. The course includes full explanations of how and when to link tables together using primary and secondary keys in FileMaker Pro and introduces FileMaker scripting, to provide automation and efficiency of procedures within a database solution. It also looks at techniques to improve the user experience, such as helpful navigation and the use of multiple windows and introduces the power of FileMaker calculations.


Attendance on the Introduction to FileMaker Pro course, or equivalent experience e.g. knowledge of the FileMaker field types, layout parts, designing and formatting layouts and the basics of the FileMaker Calculation engine.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Introduction to relational database systems

  • The efficiencies achieved using related tables and the problems inherent in trying to do without
  • Defining relationships between tables and understanding the Match field
  • “One to many” relationships
  • “One to one” relationships
  • “Many to many” relationships

Managing data using One-to-Many relationships

  • Placing fields from a “parent” table on a “child” layout
  • Understanding and using portals on a “parent” layout
  • Displaying related records in a portal
  • Creating new records in a portal
  • Navigating related files using the Go to Related Record script step
  • Filtering portals

Introduction to window management

  • Opening new windows
  • Specifying name, size and position
  • Switching between windows
  • Closing windows

Introduction to Scripting

  • What is a script?
  • Scripts v. button actions; the potential within fully fledged scripts
  • Organising scripts using the Script Workspace window
  • Creating, duplicating and editing scripts
  • Organising scripts in folders
  • Locating and adding script steps to a script
  • Commonly scripted procedures
  • Understanding the use of script parameters
  • Running scripts from buttons
  • Building a Button Bar

Scripting the creation of records

  • Recap on the concept of primary and secondary keys
  • Scripting the creation of related records using Set Variable and Set Field script steps
  • Using the Commit Record script step
  • Refreshing portals

The power of calculation fields

  • Formulae, operators and functions
  • Using Text and Number functions
  • Using logical functions such as If, IsEmpty and Case
  • Using aggregate calculations such as Count, Min and Max
  • Using the Let function

Database sharing and security issues

  • Defining accounts and passwords
  • Understanding privilege sets
  • Granting limited access by specifying a formula or rule
  • Assigning full access rights to a script

Further scripting techniques

  • Using script variables
  • Using script parameters
  • Running scripts using event triggers
  • Script trigger categories
  • Using script triggers - worked examples
  • Using custom dialogs in scripts
  • Using conditional script steps; If/EndIf and Else
  • Using globally stored fields as part of a scripted search
  • Scripting the export of data e.g as an Excel file or as a PDF and using variables to name the output file

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Exams and Certification

The knowledge gained on this course is a valuable contribution towards passing the Developer Essentials for FileMaker 12 exam, allowing a successful candidate to become an FileMaker Certified Developer.

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