Introduction to Logic Pro X Professional Music Production

Duration: 3 Days

Course Information

Logic Pro X is the complete professional recording studio for the Mac that gives musicians everything they need to go from first note to final master. This three-day hands-on course introduces students to Logic Pro’s primary features and basic user interface. Students learn how to generate a customised audio and MIDI configuration that will seamlessly integrate with their own personal production studio. Students also create their own song using Logic Pro’s comprehensive array of software instruments, Apple Loops, and DSP effects. In-depth lessons cover MIDI and audio recording, streamlined editing and arrangement techniques, user-defined key commands, automation, using external MIDI controllers, mixing, and creating final output. For Students Enrolled in a Virtual Class: Each student will need to setup two (2) computers in order to take the class virtually. The first can be a PC, tablet or Mac. The second computer must be a Mac and you will need the software (and version) being taught in the course already installed on your computer. This setup will allow virtual students to view the presentation on one computer and do support exercises on the other one.


Upon completion of the Logic Pro X course, students will be able to:; Understanding Workflow Techniques; Recording and Editing Audio and MIDI Using Software Instruments; Working with Audio Effects; Mixing and Automation; Manipulating Pitch and Time


This class is designed for students who want to learn music production and composition using Logic Pro and who prefer hands-on and interactive instruction to best explore its functionality.


A basic knowledge of Mac OS X and a basic knowledge of audio terminology is recommended

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments.

Course outline

Making Music with Logic Pro

  • Creating a Logic Pro X Project
  • Exploring the interface
  • Navigating the Project
  • Building up the arrangement
  • Mixing the song
  • Mixing down to a stereo file

Recording Audio

  • Digital Audio Recording Settings
  • Recording a Single Track
  • Recording Additional Takes
  • Punching in and out
  • Changing Recording Settings
  • Deleting Unused Audio Files

Editing Audio

  • Assigning Mouse Tools
  • Editing Regions in the Workspace
  • Adjusting Metronome Settings
  • Comping Takes
  • Adding Fades and Crossfades
  • Editing Regions in the Audio Track Editor
  • Editing Files in the Audio File Editor
  • Aligning Audio

Producing a Virtual Drum Track

  • Creating a Drummer Track
  • Arranging the Drum Track
  • Customising the Drum Kit

Recording a MIDI and Using Controllers

  • Using a Patch from the Library
  • Recording MIDI,
  • Correcting the Timing of a MIDI Recording
  • Joining Recordings into a MIDI Region
  • Recording MIDI Takes
  • Punching In and Out
  • Creating a Layered Sound Patch
  • Creating a Split Keyboard Patch
  • Mapping Smart Controls to Patch
  • Parameters
  • Controlling Logic from an iPad Using Logic Remote
  • Using Step Input Recording
  • Processing MIDI Notes with MIDI Effects

Creating and Editing MIDI

  • Creating MIDI Notes in the Piano Editor
  • Creating MIDI Notes in the Score Editor
  • Importing a MIDI File
  • * Editing MIDI Data in the Event List
  • Creating and Editing MIDI Continuous Controllers

Editing Time and Pitch

  • Setting a Project Tempo by Detecting the Tempo of Recording
  • Using and Creating Apple Loops
  • Creating Tempo Changes and Tempo Curves
  • Adding a Turntable or Tape Slow-down Effect
  • Making One Track Follow the Groove of Another Track
  • Change the Playback Pitch and Speed with Varispeed
  • Editing the Timing of an Audio Region
  • Tuning Vocal Recordings

Editing an Arrangement

  • Previewing the Song
  • Copying Material to Fill in Parts
  • Rendering Multiple Regions
  • Adding and Deleting Sections
  • Cutting Regions to Remove Silence or Noise


  • Organising Windows and Tracks
  • Using the Amp Designer
  • Adjusting levels and Pan
  • Submixing Tracks and Processing the Submix
  • Using an EQ Plug-in
  • Using Delay and Reverberation
  • Using Dynamic Processing Plug-ins
  • Using a Few Tips and Tricks

Automating the Mix

  • Creating and Editing Offline Automation
  • Recording Live Automation
  • Using MIDI Controllers
  • Bouncing the Mix

Certification Exam (Optional)

  • Students take an exam to earn Apple Certified Pro-Logic X status

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