SQL Server Essential Administration

Duration: 3 Days


TThis course is at aimed anyone charged with administering a SQL Server database system. It focuses on only the core administration responsibilities enabling new SQL Server database administrators to build the skills necessary to install, configure and support a simple SQL Server deployment. The objective is to provide the essential skills for managing a single instance system, enabling administrators to get up and running to a basic level fairly quickly, but also to provide an awareness of some of the more advanced services available. This course can be followed by a number of additional courses focussing on different specialisations and services available for SQL Server deployments.


Delegates attending this course should have as a minimum a basic understanding of relational databases and the SQL language, up to the level provided by the course “SQL Server Database Querying Course” and would benefit from having attended the “Transact SQL Programming Course” as well.

Course includes

A comprehensive set of reference notes covering course topics and follow-up telephone support.

Course outline

SQL Server Architecture

New Features in 2012 and 2014

  • Data Files & Transaction Log Files
  • SQL Server Native Client
  • System Databases
  • Schemas
  • Synonyms
  • Dynamic Management Objects
  • Editions of SQL Server

Installing SQL Server

  • Planning to Install SQL Server
  • Installing SQL Server
  • Configuring a SQL Server Installation
  • Uninstalling SQL Server
  • Troubleshooting a Failed Install

Upgrading SQL Server Best Practices

  • Why Upgrade?
  • Upgrading In Place and Side By Side
  • Pre-upgrade Steps & Tools
  • Backward Compatibility
  • SQL Server Components
  • Post Upgrade Checks

Managing & Troubleshooting SQL Server Database Engine

  • Configuration & AdministrationTools
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
  • Configuration Manager
  • sp_configure
  • Monitoring Processes In TSQL - sp_who, sp_who2, sys.dm_exec_connections, sys.dm_exec_sql_text
  • Multiserver Management
  • Trace Flags
  • Getting Help

Automating SQL Server

  • Maintenance Plans
  • Automating SQL Server with SQL Server Agent - jobs, schedules, operators, alerts
  • SQL Server Agent Security
  • Configuring SQL Server Agent
  • Multiserver Administration

Securing The Database Instance

  • Authentication Types
  • Logins & Users - Principals & Securables
  • Authorising Securables - Server Securables, Database Securables, Permission Chains, Cross-Database permission Chains
  • Row Level Security

An Introduction To Performance Optimization

  • What Developers Need To Know About Performance
  • What DBAs Need to Know About Performance
  • Optimizing SQL Server - Indexing, Compression, Resource Allocation, Resource Governor

An Introduction Monitoring SQL Server

  • Viewing Current Activity
  • Performance Monitor
  • SQL Server Profiler
  • Extended Events
  • Dynamic management Views
  • Monitoring Logs
  • System Center Advisor (SCA)

Backup & Recovery

  • Managing Backup
  • Backup & Restore Performance
  • Performing Recovery
  • Archiving Data
  • Backup & Recovery Enhancements
  • Overview of Backup & Restore
  • Preparing For Recovery
  • Developing & Executing a Backup Plan

An Overview of Other Services

  • An Overview of Replication Service
  • An Overview of High Availability Services - Clustering, Log Shipping, Database Mirroring, Always On Availability Groups
  • An Overview of Integration Services (SSIS), Reporting Services (SSRS), Analysis Services (SSAS)
  • An Overview of Service Broker
  • An Overview of Common Language Runtime (CLR)
  • In Memory OLTP

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