DVDSP 101: An Introduction to DVD Studio Pro 4.0

Duration: 3 Days


Students will learn everything they need to create a professional DVD title and will be guided through every aspect of DVD authoring, from initial storyboarding to burning and replication. Students will also learn how to create amazing MPEG 2 video with Compressor as well as create eye-popping motion menus directly in DVD Studio Pro 4. Students will also create a DVD by adding buttons, interactive links, slideshows, playlists and even adding alternate audio stream and camera angles.


Basic knowledge of Mac OS X and some knowledge of Final Cut Pro is recommended.

Course includes

Instruction from our Apple certified trainer, the official Apple reference manual covering course topics, follow-up telephone support and, for training on Transmedia premises, lunch and refreshments. The knowledge necessary to become an Apple Certified Pro, Level One in DVD Studio Pro. Level One certification is granted upon successful completion of the DVD Studio Pro, Level One exam. Transmedia offer this exam as an optional extra.

Course outline

Preparing Your First DVD Project

  • DVD Creation Process
  • DVD Specification Basics
  • Exploring the Interface
  • Creating a Simple DVD in Basic View
  • Creating a Menu
  • Connecting Assets to the Menu
  • Simulating a Disc
  • Building a Project and Burning a Disc

Exploring the Full Interface

  • Opening the Project
  • Exploring Window Configurations and Adjusting the Project

Setting Up a Simple DVD

  • Storyboarding a DVD
  • Creating a Storyboard Using the Graphical Tab
  • Previewing the Finished Project with Apple's DVD Player
  • Identifying Source Video Settings
  • Setting DVD Studio Pro Preferences
  • Setting Up Disc Properties
  • Importing Audio and Video and Setting Chapter Markers

Creating Menus within DVD Studio Pro

  • The Menu Creation Process
  • Importing Assets
  • Adding a Background Graphic
  • Using the Safe Title and Action Safe Features
  • Creating Buttons on a Still Menu
  • Making Connections from Buttons to Video
  • Adding Title and Text to the Menu
  • Adding Sound to the Menu
  • Creating an Intro Menu
  • Targeting Navigation on your DVD and Using a Drop Zone to Create a Motion Menu

Creating a Chapter Index Menu

  • Customising Default Chapter Index Menu
  • Setting Up the Chapter Index Navigation Buttons
  • Adding a Drop Zone Shape and Automating the Chapter Index Menu Creation Process

Creating a Slideshow

  • Using Slideshows
  • File Formats for Slideshows
  • Adding a Slideshow
  • Modifying Your Slideshow
  • Slideshow transitions and Converting a Slideshow to a Track

Adding Subtitles

  • Creating Subtitles in DVD Studio Pro
  • Modifying the Font and Colour of Subtitles
  • Importing Subtitles from a Text File
  • Previewing Subtitles
  • Creating Buttons over Video and Understanding Closed Captioning

Finishing Your DVD

  • Adding DVD-ROM Content to a DVD-Video Disc
  • Testing Your Project
  • Building and Formatting a DVD
  • Using the Apple DVD Player
  • Burning a Disc Using the Burn Command
  • Choosing Recordable DVD Media and Distributing your Completed DVD

Encoding with Compressor

  • Understanding Compression
  • Importing a File into Compressor from Final Cut Pro
  • Applying Preset Settings
  • Creating Custom Settings
  • Setting Compression Markers in Compressor
  • Creating Chapter Markers
  • Submitting Files for Encoding and Creating a Compressor Droplet

Designing Advanced Menus

  • Maintaining the Look of Menu Graphics
  • Creating Standard Menus
  • Adding a Simple Overlay
  • Creating Buttons for the Overlay
  • Choosing Highlights for Button States
  • Using Advanced Overlays with Grayscale colour Mapping
  • Customizing Button colours
  • Saving Default colours
  • Adding a Motion Background
  • Setting a Loop Point
  • Working with Motion Menus
  • Advantages of Layered Menus
  • Adding a Layered Menu
  • Creating Layered Menu Buttons and Linking your Assets

Markers, Stories and Connections

  • Working with Chapter Markers
  • Creating Markers in Final Cut Pro
  • Setting Encoding Preferences
  • Using Stories as Playlists
  • Creating and Working with Stories
  • Establishing Connections and Finding the Unconnected Elements

Markers, Stories and Connections

  • Applying a Transition
  • Using a Video Transition
  • Using Alpha Transitions
  • Exploring the Asset Movie
  • Exploring the Background Matte Movie


  • Building Menu Loop Scripts and Creating Return to Menu Scripts

Creating Transitions

  • Applying a Transition
  • using a Video Transition
  • Using Alpha Transitions
  • Exploring the Asset Movie and Exploring the Background Matte Movie

Using Alternate Angles

  • Setting Up the Project
  • About Alternate Angles
  • Creating Multi-Angle Tracks
  • Creating Mixed-Angle Tracks
  • Targeting Alternate Angle Streams
  • Simulating Alternate Angle Errors and Exploring Final Cut Pro Markers

Converting SD To HD

  • HD to SD Down-conversions
  • Encoding HD Assets and Converting SD Projects to HD Projects

This course is available as a private or customised course. Contact us for further information and to customise this course to your exact requirements:

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